Be Prepared

Know BEFORE you move to Florida

If you are caring for a loved one with an intellectual or developmental disability, you need to know the Medicaid services you receive in your home state will not automatically transfer to Florida when you move. Each state is allowed to use its own eligibility criteria, and the same level of services may not be available. Parents and caregivers need to be prepared prior to the move. The exception is those active military families deployed from another state where they are already receiving services.

In Florida, the Medicaid Waiver program for individuals with a developmental disability is administered through the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) and is known as iBudget. See how Developmental Disability is defined for iBudget eligibility (click on view rule)See Suggested Documentation needed for an application (click on view rule)Applications must be submitted to the APD Regional Office where the individual with developmental disability resides. See a copy of the Application Form (scroll down). See a list of APD Regional Offices.

There is a Waiting List in Florida for enrollment into the iBudget, although some limited services may be available for individuals on the waiting list. See how the Waiting List is Prioritized.  
Most people do not get off the Waiting List until they can establish “crisis priority.” See rule on how Crisis Priority is Defined (click on view chapter). 

We ask that you plan for this transition and be aware of lapses in services that may occur. We want you to make the best decision for your family and loved one while also understanding this intricate process. Plan ahead for your move to Florida and be aware that getting services for your loved one may take time. 

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