Welcome to The Arc of Florida

About The Arc of Florida

The Arc of Florida is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Arc of Florida works with local, state and national partners and advocates for people with intellectual disabilities, autism, spina bifida, Cerebral palsy (CP), Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS), Down syndrome, and other developmental disabilities to be fully included in all aspects of their community. We also work to reduce the incidence of and eliminate the consequences of developmental disabilities through education, awareness, research, advocacy and support of families, friends and the community.

Our Mission Statement:

“Working with local, state, and national partners, The Arc of Florida advocates for local chapters, public policies, and high quality supports for people with developmental and other disabilities to be fully included in all aspects of their community.”

Supporting the Work of The Arc of Florida and our chapters:

There are many ways you can become involved and support the mission of The Arc.

Membership in your local Arc Chapter (click on locations on this website) and donations to them are encouraged.  We are grassroots organization and encourage you to support the work of The Arc in your hometown!

Membership and donations to The Arc of Florida are also used to provide training opportunities to support our local chapters as well as other services to improve the quality of life for the individuals we serve.  You can directly contribute through this website.

The Arc US also accepts memberships and overall supports the work of The Arc.