Community Partners

Community Partners

The Arc of Florida continues its statewide advocacy through its chapters, colleagues, and community partners.

The Arc of Florida’s legislative priorities for the 2024 Legislative Session:
• Increase iBudget Waiver funding for recurring operational and labor costs to offset increases and inflation.
• The APD iBudget Waiver should be added to the Social Services Estimating Conference (SSEC) so there is an independent body determining need to sustain the Waiver.
• Reduce the Waiting List for those individuals eligible for iBudget Home and Community-based Waiver Program.

Autism Speaks

We the People, By the People focuses on educating families, caregivers and self-advocates with the tools needed to speak and educate policymakers on the challenges for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). By sharing personal experiences and stories, we can work together and #BeHeard.

Friday, September 22 – 2 pm
Friday, September 29 –  6 pm