Be Counted

It is Important to be on the APD Waiting List

If you are a person with an intellectual or developmental disability, or if you care for someone who is, it is important to apply for the Medicaid Home and Community-based Waiver Program (known as “iBudget”), which is administered by the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD), even though this program has a Waiting List. Having an accurate picture of the numbers, names and locations of people who need services is essential if Florida is to develop more resources and state funds. Click here for a list of APD Regional Offices. Each Regional Office page contains links to information on the field offices within each Region.

Once on the Waiting List, a person with an intellectual or developmental disability can receive limited services with state-funded programs. See how to Access Funds (click view chapter)

If your loved one is placed on the Waiting List, clinical eligibility has already been determined, so things are in place so that when funding becomes available or you encounter a crisis event, a full array of services can be made available. See how Crisis Priority is determined. (click view chapter).

If your loved one is still in school with an Individual Education Plan (IEP), being on the Waiting List will help your child transition to other services once they become an adult. This is something most parents don’t realize; you will need to advocate for your child as they transition into adulthood. Learn more about 
School Age Transition.

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