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The Arc of Florida wanted to republish Three Fields (brothers) with an additional, but equally compelling viewpoint. Three Fields (brothers) was written by Anderson Burke and outlines his family’s journey. Andy discovers the journals of his recently deceased mother which document the heartache of giving up her third son and the effect this had on the family. Andy set out to find and meet his lost sibling. For a time, he was neighbors with Kathy Jackson, Executive Director of The Arc of the St. Johns, and as their friendship grew, she asked him to tell his story. His brother was a client at The Arc of the St. Johns.

In the newer edition, Three Fields (A Brother. A Sister.), Dick Bradley’s account is added. Dick tells the story of his sister, also with intellectual and developmental disabilities, with a completely different outcome. His story is one of love and happiness within the family dynamic. With so many similarities between Andy, Dick and their respective families, Three Fields (A Brother. A Sister.) is a gripping story which conveys the importance of support and acceptance for each and every family.

Three Fields (A Brother. A Sister.) is the compelling journey of two families who chose different paths for their children born with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The authors, Anderson Burke and Dick Bradley, come together to reveal in sharp detail the moving stories of their respective families. One documents the pain and uncertainty, while the other joy and togetherness.

Eddie Burke was admitted to a state institution at eleven months of age. Kathy Bradley remained in her family home. Many years later under the guidance and compassion of Kathy Jackson of The Arc of the St. Johns, Eddie was reunited with his family. Three Fields (A Brother. A Sister.) serves as a poignant reminder of how taking care of our most vulnerable citizens creates for a better world for all.

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