Be Heard

What You Can Do While on the APD Waiting List

It is your responsibility to stay active and follow up. Contact your APD Regional office periodically and check on your application and progress. See a list of the APD Regional Offices.

Be a part of The Arc of Florida’s Advocacy Committee. Our goal is to ensure that policymakers are aware of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Florida and what their needs are. We want to make sure your loved one can be part of the community and live up to their full potential. In order to achieve this, we need to ensure policymakers understand the real issues at hand. For more information, contact:

You can also volunteer to join one of the 15 the Family Care Councils around the state and learn how to advocate. These Councils were created by law in 1993 and volunteers are Governor appointed. Members work with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities to give their input on statewide policies and programs, and monitor the effectiveness of services in their local area. For more information, click here

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