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It’s National Disability Voter Registration Week!

The Arc of Florida joins The Arc US in spreading an important message for individuals with disabilities:

Make sure your vote counts!

Did you know there was a surge in people with disabilities voting in 2018?!

While this is exciting news, people with disabilities continue to face many barriers to voting – from transportation, to guardianship, to accessibility of their polling location, and more. Because of this, the voter turnout rate is still lower for people with disabilities.

The first step to continuing to increase turnout and breaking down barriers is making sure we are registered to vote!

Each year, the REV UP campaign, through the American Association for People with Disabilities, organizes National Disability Voter Registration Week (NDVRW) to promote registration and civic engagement among people with disabilities.

Here are three things you can do this week to make the #DisabilityVote count:

  1. Make sure YOU are registered to vote.
  2. Encourage your friends and family to register!
  3. Spread the word on social media by sharing these sample posts this week: Support National Disability Voter Registration Week by registering today! #REVUP

If you’re active on social media, try use these hashtags to spread the word: #REVUP, #DisabilityVote, #DisabilityVote19

Let’s make sure our community is registered, educated, and engaged to exercise their civil right to vote! #REVUP #DisabilityVote

News You Can Use!

ATTENTION: The Agency for Persons with Disabilities and the Agency for Health Care Administration have been directed to develop a plan to redesign the waiver program.

Save the Date for Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

The Agency for Persons with Disabilities will be hosting a public meeting on July 17. This meeting is intended to provide the public with an opportunity to offer the Agency comments, ideas, and suggestions on this issue.

If you are interested in attending, please see the information below:

Date: July 17
Time: 9 a.m. until noon
Place: 4030 Esplanade Way
Room 301
Tallahassee, FL 32399

If unable to attend in person, you may register to participate by using this link:

You will receive a system generated email with another link to join the meeting. Please register 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to ensure access to the meeting.

To learn more check out the Agenda and Meeting Notice.

ABLE United

Since its launch in July 2016, ABLE United has paved a new path for Floridians with disabilities to save money without the fear of losing or reducing their vital government benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid. However, one obstacle remained that caused many individuals not to open an account…

Federal law allows that when a beneficiary passes away, and after all outstanding Qualified Disability Expenses are paid, a state may file a claim for Medicaid expenditures on their ABLE account.

Fortunately, thanks to the signing of HB 6047 on Friday June 7, 2019, Floridians covered by Medicaid no longer need to worry that a Medicaid claim will be filed on their ABLE United accounts.

Florida joined California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Oregon and other states in passing legislation to clarify that all outstanding funds in an ABLE United account, after Qualified Disability Expenses are paid, should go to the beneficiary’s estate.

The Arc of Florida is thankful for the efforts of ABLE United in working towards this goal. We join ABLE United in expressing our sincere gratitude to Governor DeSantis for passing and signing into law this important legislation, which provides increased peace of mind to ABLE United account holders receiving Medicaid and their families.

If Medicaid recovery was holding you or the families you serve back from opening an ABLE United account, now might be the time to reconsider.

Learn more about ABLE United and open an account at