New to Florida

Resident of Florida

Are you currently a Florida resident?  If so, you have probably heard that our state has one of the lowest funding levels for persons with developmental disabilities in the country.

Therefore, you should know that if you decide you will need services from the State, especially under the Developmental Disabilities Home and Community Based Services Waiver, you will most likely face many years on a list waiting for services.  The link here will take you to The Agency for Persons with Disabilities, APD, website which will give you the name and number of the person in your area whom you have to contact in order to apply for services.

If you are out of school and looking for supports to assist you in securing employment, you may be able to more quickly access services from Vocational Rehabilitation, VR.  The link here will take you to the VR website which will give you the number to call to apply for services.

In some communities there are programs besides APD and VR to assist you.  You may want to contact your local school board to determine if they operate an Adults with Disabilities program you might be eligible to attend.

There are Centers for Autism and Related Disabilities, CARD, located around the state in universities.  Click here to see if there is a CARD center near you which may be able to assist you in meeting your needs.

Those individuals looking for residential placement may want to consider seeking placement in an Assisted Living Facility or ALF as they are known.  You should click here to learn more about ALF eligibility and locations.

In addition, some of the local Arc Chapters have limited funds available for scholarships to attend their day programs.  You may wish to contact the Arc Chapter  on our listing of local chapters in your community to determine if services might be available.


Employment Opportunities

The Arc of Florida currently does not have any openings for employment at this time.

The chapters of The Arc of Florida are independently owned and operated, and as such, handle all employment inquiries themselves.  If you wish to seek employment with one of them, please feel free to use our chapter locator page and find the contact information for the closest chapter to you.

If you should have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at 1.800.226.1155 or via email at

Wanting to Move to Florida

Florida has one of the lowest funding formulas for services to persons with developmental disabilities in the Unites States.  It is important that you carefully consider your options prior to deciding to move to our state.

If you live elsewhere and are receiving Medicaid Waiver services, your waiver services will NOT transfer to Florida.  You will still be eligible for Medicaid State Plan services after establishing residency in Florida, but waiver services do not transfer from state to state.

If you decide to move here anyway, you should know that we currently have over 19,000 individuals on a list already waiting to receive wavier services.  You will not be placed in line in front of these other individuals, so it would be best to consider what services you currently have in place and decide if you can do without them if you come to Florida.

If you decide to move anyway, you will have to take time, about six months to establish residency before you can apply to get on a waiting list for services.  At a minimum, it will most likely be seven years before services would begin.

The following link will take you to the website for The Agency for Persons with Disabilities.  You should find the name and number of the individual for the area of the state where you wish to move in order to apply for the waiting list.