Governor DeSantis Proposes Funding Entire Waitlist for Gardiner Scholarships

Photo Credit: Governor Ron DeSantis Press Office
Governor DeSantis announced this week that he is asking the Florida Legislature for full funding, approximately 1,900 students, to fund their Gardiner Scholarship requests.
In speaking about the request, the Governor stated, “In our budget that we just submitted, I have allocated enough money to get rid of the wait list for the Gardiner Scholarship entirely,” What we’ve seen with the Gardiner program is proven success. Parents who need to find that good environment for their kids have been able to find it using the Gardiner scholarship.”
The average scholarship amount for most students in the 2018-19 school year is $10,400, according to the organization, Step Up For Students.
All students and families need options when it comes to meeting their educational needs.  Gardiner Scholarships can meet that need for some students.