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The Arc of Florida: “A Guide to Manage Choking” Training

The following course modules were created with the goal of helping Direct Support Professionals, families and caregivers of persons with I/DD understand the causes of choking, who is at risk, how to mitigate that risk and what to do when it happens.

Please click on the links below to launch the course lessons:

How to Manage Choking Part 1

How to Manage Choking Part 2

The course includes visual aides to help demonstrate various life saving techniques for persons who are choking. Please click on the links below to download the files:

Choking Over the Age of One Protocol.pdf

Choking With Cerebral Palsy Protocol.pdf

Choking with Morbid Obesity Protocol.pdf

Post Course Assessment:

The Arc of Florida understands that it is sometimes more entertaining to tear up a survey than to take one. However, we saved trees and made our online survey short and simple. Please share a few minutes of your time and give us your valuable opinion of this course. A certificate of completion for the course is available at the end of the survey. We greatly appreciate your participation and feedback!

Training Survey:

“A Guide to Manage Choking” training survey