Congratulations to Our Champions!

The Arc of Florida would like to recognize and celebrate of all the employees, volunteers, and community organizations that offer superior service and support to our fellow Arc chapters throughout the year. We are truly grateful to our champions for their advocacy and dedication to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities!


Spread the Word to Save the iBudget Waiver!

iBudget Waiver

Speak up and help Florida’s lawmakers understand that the iBudget Waiver is critical for the survival of thousands of Floridians!

Please visit and share the campaign to Save the iBudget Waiver.

The iBudget Waiver is a health insurance program that serves nearly 35,000 individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is funded by federal and state dollars through Medicaid – the only public health insurance program available to people with disabilities.

The iBudget Waiver provides critical long-term services that are not available through standard Medicaid managed care providers or private health insurance companies.

The iBudget Waiver helps people get the care and support needed to live and work in their own homes and communities. It is the only program that prevents a person from having to live in an institution to get the care they need.

Be informed. Be vocal. Be present. Use our resources. Share this campaign with others.

Here We Grow Again!

The Arc of Florida is thrilled to welcome our newest addition to the Arc family–Advocacy Resource Center (ARC) Marion!

ARC Marion offers services to persons with intellectual and developmentally disabilities in Ocala and Marion County, Florida.

The mission and vision of their agency is to create opportunities for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, work and play to the fullest of their capabilities in Marion County, as well as to foster Marion County, as a model community to embrace persons with disabilities and to help them support their dreams.

ARC Marion provides many valuable services such as an Early Intervention (for children from birth to age three), Residential Habilitation and Group Homes, Supported Independent Living, Supported Employment, Life Skills Development and Adult Day Training programs.

A few program highlights, include:

Early Intervention Program (EIP)– This is a collaborative effort between ARC Marion, Inc., Marion County Schools and the Early Steps Program of Children’s Medical Services.

The EIP offers play-based curriculum through a combination of small and large group activities. Occupational, speech, and physical therapies are provided on site. Early Intervention offers support to the family and prepares the young child for public school or home-based education.

Residential Habilitation– ARC Marion’s five Group Homes provide round-the clock support and training in all aspects of daily living. Direct Care Staff are responsible for personal care, cooking, cleaning, shopping, transporting, laundry, yard and home maintenance. The goal of staff is to help individuals develop personal goals for achieving greater levels of independence and community involvement.

 Adult Day Training & Life Skills Development- This program offers creative and person centered choices for adults with all levels of intellectual and developmental disabilities to increase their levels of independence.

ARC Marion offers individualized specialty training in the following program areas: Daily Living, Janitorial, Lawn Service, Computer Skills, Recreation, Arts and Crafts, Health and Safety, Job Skills, Enclave Program and Transition program into Community Employment as well as offering a Senior Program and an Intensive Program.

Please visit the ARC Marion website at to learn more about their mission and services for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.