2019 Convention Training Presentations

64th Arc of Florida Convention Training Presentations

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“ABLE United – Working with Entities”
Presenter: John Finch
Synopsis: The Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act allows individuals with disabilities to save money tax-free for a wide variety of future expenses including: transportation, housing, and education–while maintaining benefits, such as SSI and Medicaid. ABLE United, Florida’s qualified ABLE program, provides new opportunities for people with disabilities and can change the way they plan for short-term expenditures and establish long-term savings. This presentation covers the details of the ABLE Act, ABLE United and the ability for an entity to be setup as the Authorized Legal Representative for its clients.

“Emerging Residential Options & Creating Connectable Communities”
Presenters: Jim Whittaker President/CEO, Arc Jacksonville and Sarah Troup, MPA Connectable Campaigns Synopsis: There is a growing need throughout the country for quality residential options due to aging parents who are seeking placement for their adult children and the increasing needs for specialized residential services. Intentional communities are now being developed to address this housing shortage. The presentation will showcase The Arc Jacksonville Village, which is an affordable, independent apartment community which offers a host of services and supports based on individual needs.

“Financial Literacy for Board Members”
Presenter: James Halleran, CPA Partner – James Moore & Company
Synopsis: This presentation will discuss how nonprofit board members can fulfill their role as fiduciaries. James will cover internal controls and why they are important, the role of the governing board, how to read financial statements, risk assessment and more.

“In Arc We Trust”
Presenter: Tonja Parra, Director of Trust Services, The Arc of South Florida
Synopsis: Introduction to Special Needs Trust (pooled and individual).

“Mood Pillows, Fiber Optics & Bubble Cylinders, Oh My!”
Presenter: Kristen Malfara Founder & Executive Director, The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project
Synopsis: This presentation will discuss the benefits of multi-sensory activities, as determined by an individualized Sensory Diet. Participants will learn how to evaluate a client using a questionnaire, and how to create their very own Sensory Diet activities to help them self-regulate. Participants will have an opportunity to evaluate sample clients and create sensory diets using the tools provided during the session.

“Sec-UR-ity • You are at the Center”
Presenter: Ivonne Perez-Suarez FL Dept of Consumer Services and Danielle Price FDACS
Synopsis: Speaking on consumer protection/fraud and scam prevention/information. We speak on the role of the department with regards to consumer services in Florida, what are the main scams and fraud and how we can protect ourselves, our businesses and families for deceptive practices.

“Speaking’ Up & Movin’ Out”
Presenter: Eddie Hall, President-Elect, Florida Self-Advocates Network’D (FL SAND)
Presenter: Arizona Jenkins, Founder & President, New Horizons Support Group for People with Disabilities
Synopsis: This presentation goes beyond an introduction to self-determination and personal self-advocacy by providing Self-Advocates with inspiration, encouragement and advice for “movin’ out” and engaging with their communities. Topics will include tips for advocating and engaging with supporters and allies in the school system; with community groups and leaders; and with state legislators – all to help influence change, not just for themselves, but for people with disabilities throughout the State of Florida.

Examples of Additional Training Sessions from the 64th Arc of Florida Convention*

*Materials from these sessions are not currently  available.

“Diversity, Inclusion, Equity – A New Approach to Leading Complex Issues”
Presenter: Alonzo Kelly
Synopsis: There is no denying the pressure we as leaders feel to create work environments and foster relationships that are respectful, inclusive, and unbiased. There is also no denying that with so unique lived and learned experiences, varying levels of education, and constant shifts of social/societal norms, this task can at times be daunting. This presentation is packed with transparency, curiosity, and critical thinking techniques for leaders.

“We Are All Connected – Lessons From the Pando Forest”
Presenter: Alonzo Kelly
Synopsis: The Pando Forest is considered to be the second largest organism on the planet. This awesome display of nature can teach us many lessons about the power of community, connectedness, and the importance of always strengthening our roots. The audience will join the presenter on a journey through the forest and discover the power we have through our connections, our vulnerability when we appear to drift from who we are, and the impact of outside influences on our ability to be at our best.

“Maintaining Our Sanity in a Climate of Change”
Presenter: Alonzo Kelly
Synopsis: Most people accept and appreciate the fact that change is inevitable. Most people also accept and appreciate the change when it happens seamlessly, errorless, and conveniently. In spite of our best efforts, we may still find ourselves frustrated and stressed. We need not lose our sanity in a climate of change and this full participatory presentation will provide tools, tips, and tricks that can be immediately implemented for individuals and teams.

“Practical Magic! UCF CARD Tricks for DSPs”
Presenter: Kim Spence, Ph.D. Autism Disorders Specialist – UCF Center for Autism & Related Disabilities & Clinical Director of Autism Support Services – Specialized Treatment & Assessment Resources, PA
Synopsis: The presentation will provide an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) for DSPs including information about: common characteristics of ASD, diagnostic and therapeutic intervention information for supporting adults with ASD and other comorbid conditions, and examples of specific behavioral interventions to address challenging behavior within the community.

“Protecting My Agency – Essential Employment Law Considerations”
Presenter: William T. Krizner, Krizner Group
Synopsis: With record litigation and a dramatic increase in governmental audits impacting local business, this presentation will look at the areas that are most likely to create costly legal exposure at your organization. Topics to be covered will include key points of risk throughout the employment life cycle, common mistakes involving employee leave, and preparing for coming changes to federal wage and hour laws.