Latest Issues

Dental Applications Closed for this Year

The Arc of Florida is no longer accepting applications for dental services for the current contract year.

Applications received after January 4, 2017 will not be kept by The Arc of Florida. Any applications received after this date, also, will not be used for funding requests for the next contract cycle. Please do not send an application before June 2017.

Individuals seeking funding for dental services for the next funding cycle, beginning July 1, 2017, will need to fill out an application at that time. The application for the next contract year funding (July 2017 – June 2018), will be made available on our website beginning this coming June 2017.


Help Our Families in Santa Rosa County

Help our families located in Santa Rosa county.  You can easily do this by contacting Governor Rick Scott at the contact information below:

The Honorable Rick Scott
Governor, State of Florida
The Florida Capitol
400 S. Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001

​The attached letters give you the information you need to write to Governor Rick Scott to help save services in Santa Rosa County.​

Letter to the Families of Santa Rosa County

Letter to the Honorable Rick Scott Governor of Florida

Letter to Interim Medicaid Director Beth Kidder at AHCA


Notices of Cost Plan Reductions from APD

Notices of cost plan reductions from APD are now being received by many families and individuals served by The Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) iBudget Medicaid Waiver program. These reductions are based on the implementation of the new algorithm used in the iBudget Waiver program.

If you receive a cost plan reduction, and we are hearing that the reductions coming in from using the algorithm are very harsh, then know that you do have options.

First, remember that your Waiver Support Coordinator is supposed to work for you! They have been given instructions by APD that if the individual cannot accept the cost plan reduction due to the implementation of the new algorithm, then they are to take steps to preserve your funding. If you do not require your current level of funding, you can accept the cost plan reduction. However, if you have a provider that is currently providing iBudget waiver services and you accept the reductions, you should notify them immediately. The provider may not be able to maintain your services if you accept the reduction.

Click Here to view the attached one pager, from APD, detailing how the system is supposed to work.

We have heard from some individuals that their Waiver Support Coordinator (WSC) has told them that there isn’t any use in trying to regain their funding. This is NOT true. If your WSC has told you this and they do not want to file the paperwork for an “AIM” meeting, you should call your regional office to complain and report them.

Your funding will not be reduced during the time that you are working with your Waiver Support Coordinator to preserve your cost plan funding.

In conclusion, APD is stating that the algorithm amount is just the first step in the process. If you need your funding, you will need to make certain that the follow up steps are taken to preserve your funding and services.