Census 2020

Shape Your Future & Be Counted!

Find out why the Census is important to you! Click on the image below to learn more.

The Arc US is excited to share new resources, including videos and written materials, to support people with disabilities and beyond in understanding what the census is, why it’s important for people with disabilities, and how to complete it.

The census helps to direct billions annually in federal funding. Census data is used by businesses, governments, and civic organizations to inform decision making about what services should be available in local areas, and it impacts Congressional representation.

It is critical to reach people with disabilities, family members, direct support professionals, provider organizations, and other community members about the importance of everyone being counted!

The Arc has developed plain language materials for individuals, which are written at an approximately third grade reading level. These materials are available in English and Spanish as plain text Word documents and designed PDFs. The Arc has also developed a fact sheet for organizations to reference when considering how they may help with disseminating information about the census.

These resources are linked below and available at thearc.org/census.

Resources for Individuals

·     Census 101 Video (English)
·     Census 101 Video (Spanish)
·     You Count! Be Counted.
·     ¡Tu Cuentas! Se Contado.

Resources for Organizations

·     Get Your Community Counted: A Guide for Organizations
·     Haga Que Su Comunidad Sea Contada: Una Guía Para Organizaciones